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Technology Matters

G-Mail now lets you attach multiple emails without downloading them first.

You asked for it.

Sending as attachments is more efficient sometimes. This way you can write a summary email to recipients.

Attach as many emails as you like.

All G-Mail users should have this by mid-month. Look for it in ‘More Menu.’ Its called ‘Forward as Attachment.’

I love Google Maps. If you drive an electric car, you’ll love them too.

Maps now helps you find charging stations, particularly those your car supports.

This includes the different types of adapters you may need

There’s a new electric vehicle setting in the app so you can set your plug preferences.

A handy feature as more e-vehicles hit the road.

Speaking of electric vehicles, VW with a mobile charging robot. It comes to your car, anywhere in a parking garage, a place not likely to have a charging station.

VW says the bot doesn’t need a human. It drives itself to your vehicle and connects itself.

Don’t look for it at one of the parking garages downtown. Its just a prototype and no launch date is set.

Back to Google. Its version of iMessage is now available to Android users.

Its called Chat and its tools mirror Apple iMessage.

Chat handles higher-resolution images and videos on Androids.

Update your messenger app, and in some cases your carrier service.

You can opt into the service or disable it if you want.

Chat users need a phone with Rich Communications Services or RCS enabled.

Tweaked tech, new tech frequently leads to confusion and incompatibility.

Tech companies are working to get Siri, Alexa and Hey google all talking to each other.

Amazon, Apple and Google are partnering, along with Zigbee, to make smart home tech easier to use.

While still competitors…they all agree there needs to be a standard allowing for integration between brands.

Its called “Project Connected Home Over I-P.”

The goal is to make any product you buy work with your existing home system, and that its secure.

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