Technology Matters-Google Breakthrough

Technology Matters

It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie. Google saying it has a groundbreaking computer that can perform a calculation in 200 seconds.

Google claiming the current fastest super-computer would need 10-thousand-years to do that.

Google says it’s “quantum supremacy” will help build lightweight batteries for cars, airplanes and new machines.

IBM and other rivals skeptical, claiming Google overestimated the difficulty of the computing task.

But, if Google nailed it, look out!

Immediately applicable, Google wearables. Well, its buying Fitbit. The move ratchets up the competition with the likes of Apple’s iWatch.

Google has a history of hardware moves, previously buying Motorola Mobility, Dropcam and Nest.

Google Maps with an incognito mode. You can cut down on your travel info and pause location sharing.

Those locations won’t be saved and won’t be used as suggestions.

Incognito doesn’t stop how your activity is used or saved by your ISP, apps and other Google services.

Available now on Androids, soon for iOS.

Google giving you more tools to control your privacy.

Youtubers can set search and viewing histories to auto-delete.

Google Maps Incognito mode part of this.

Available on Androids, at some point for iOS.

You’ll be able to delete your voice history with a voice command. And check your passwords via a password manager to make sure you’re secure.

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