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Technology Matters

    The V1 Golf app is ideal for most concerned with their swing.

    Use your phone’s camera to capture and review your swings using powerful analysis and playback tools.

    Send videos to your instructor and receive voice-over video lessons.

    If you don’t have an instructor, connect with one of thousands of instructors who teach V1 sports.

    You can also manage your swing videos by club type, date, and more.

    The app is free for iOS and Android with premium features available for purchase.

    If you’re more interested in what happens after you hit the ball, try the Golf Tracer app.

    Set your smartphone up behind you and hit the “trace” button.

    The app does the rest, graphically showing you the trajectory of your ball.

    Customize shots with overlays, details about yards or conditions, and more.

    Saving and sharing your shots is a breeze, too, with the Golf Traccer app.

    The app is 5-99 for iOS with premium features available for purchase.

    The super serious golfer will want to consider Golfshot Plus.

    Offering augmented reality of the course, golfers can experience and view courses in a whole, new way.  You get a 360-degree view of each hole and the ability to pinpoint each pin location.  This covers more than 500-thousand holes worldwide.

    Get a comprehensive and powerful set of GPS features to play your best golf while managing your game all in one place.

    Enjoy real-time distances to the green, hazards and targets on more than 45-thousand courses worldwide.  You also get rich scoring and shot tracking, detailed statistics, as well as entire course flyover previews.

    The app isn’t cheap…39-99 for iOS and Android.

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