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Technology Matters

Lets start with Marie Kondo who helps us spark joy by getting rid of stuff we don’t need.

Now she wants to sell us stuff.

You can check out the products on her website.

Kondo told the Wall Street Journal she’s not encouraging over spending. She wants you to buy things that only spark joy, and spark joy for her bank account.

Facebook has shut down five-point-four-billion fake accounts this year. The company estimates five percent of monthly users are fake.

This highlights one of the challenges social media is facing heading into the 2020 election.

Facebook now letting you pay for anything on Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Facebook doing this to fend off calls to break up the company.

The FTC with an antitrust investigation. Nearly every attorneys general investigating anticompetitive practices.

While Facebook is offering Facebook Pay, Google wants to be your bank starting next year.

Its offering checking accounts by partnering with Citigroup.

Smart checking accounts through Google Pay and it would provide a digital wallet.

No word on fees.

Apple and Amazon also in the enhanced money services.

The much-anticipated Google Stadia is online.

Its for streaming and playing games without needing a hard copy or even a console.

There’s stiff competition in this market as many rivals think the future lies in the cloud, rather than physical hardware.

Microsoft testing it’s Project X cloud service and Amazon rumored to be working on a cloud game service.

Just in time for Black Friday, a new Macbook Pro.

Apple says its the world’s best pro notebook.

Its aimed at developers, photographers and scientists.

The 16-inch screen is the largest retina notebook display

How much? It starts at 24-hundred and can top out at more than six-thousand bucks. That does not spark joy.

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