Technology Matters-Future Home-Part 2

Technology Matters

Ballie” is a personal assistant. It looks like a tennis ball. It also looks a lot like B-B-Eight, the popular droid from “Star Wars.”

Ballie follows you around the house, anticipating your needs and acting as a companion.

Samsung expects it to resonate especially with pet owners. Ballie can keep an eye on animals who are home alone.

Cute little rascal.

Smart phones, smart cars…and now…smart trashcans?

This trashcan does more than hold trash. Townew says its self-sealing.

The smart can has an overload feature to let you know it can’t take anymore of your garbage.

Push a button and it automatically seals the bag and opens so you can take it.

Once done, the trashcan puts a new bag in the can.

The bin also lifts the top compartment to catch any excess and prevent spills.

It will cost you one Benjamin and comes in white or teal.

Do you start your day with coffee? Any idea where the coffee originated? Some want to know.

IBM with a new app for those supporting a sustainable coffee business.

The “Thank My Farmer” app traces your Joe from the store…to the farm where it came from.

It promotes ethical and environmentally friendly coffee suppliers.

The app is expected to launch sometime this year.

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.

As smart devices take over our homes, don’t skip the bathroom.

There’s more to the Kohler Numi smart toilet I showed you last week.

You can listen to your favorite music through high-quality built-in speakers.

If you prefer calm, enjoy ambient lighting.

If you need to shop — Alexa is at your beck and call.

The Numi two-point-o Intelligent Toilet will set you back seven-to-eight-thousand dollars, depending on color.

And don’t forget to take your little friend with you.

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