Technology Matters-Future Home-Part 1

Technology Matters

Samsung putting a spin on TV’s with a vertical model called Sero, which means vertical in Korean.

This 43-inch model rotates between horizontal and vertical. Press a button and the orientation switches, similar to a mobile device.

Aimed at millennials who shoot or watch vertical videos on their phones — and want those vids on a bigger screen.

Samsung Galaxy users can sync the TV to automatically rotate and match its orientation in real-time.

GE out with a smart kitchen concept.

It changes configurations to suit the needs of the whole family.

Cabinets can be lowered, so children can reach things.

Three concepts here: personalization, flexibility and guidance to health and wellness.

Future kitchens will include hydroponic gardens – making farm-to-table a reality at home

Is seat up, seat down a battle in your bathroom?

Kohler to the rescue.

The Numi intelligent toilet has a sensor. Wave your foot and you raise or lower the seat…no bending down or touching it.

The seat is heated. Walk away, it flushes and closes.Connect to Bluetooth and play your favorite tunes while conducting business.

Numi comes with UV sanitation, ambient colored lighting and hands-free control. It has personalized cleansing functionality and its water efficient.

Perfect fit with Numi, the Charmin Roll-Bot…a personal toilet paper-delivering robot

Bluetooth enabled. It brings you a new roll if you’re in need.\

The device can also detect if the bathroom smells less than fresh and warns you on your smartphone.
That’s it for this week. You know what to do.

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