Technology Matters-Facebook and Kids

Technology Matters

    Facebook’s Youth Portal is aimed at helping teens better understand how to control their settings.

    Teens can learn general tips and tricks about all things Facebook.

    The Youth Portal includes information on privacy and safety information.

    For example, determining who can see what is shared, as well as learning how other teens use technology.  Think new and creative ways.

    The portal is available in 60 languages.

    Facebook says it spoke with groups of teens in the U.S., Italy and the United Kingdom to design the site.

    Children, and adults, need to pay close attention to apps, as well.

    Android apps are most susceptible to misuse because the operating system is open source.

    Some apps collect email addresses, information sufficient enough to find your location and track your activity to a third party.

    You can take action.  Go to ‘settings’ in your phone and check location services.  Turn them off if you want the apps to stop tracking your location.

    Buy the paid version of the app.  It usually means no ads and less incentive for advertisers to track you.

    Play in airplane mode.  That prevents playing online games — but then — nothing is being transmitted from your phone.

    All this time on devices means children are great at swiping a screen, but many struggle to hold a pencil.

    Doctors say children use technology so much…their hand muscles are not developing properly.

    Children are entering school with less hand strength and dexterity than just ten-years ago.

    Parents can help by encouraging play with blocks, crayons or pull toys.

    If you do break out the iPad…choose apps using creative drawing and play.

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