Technology Matters-Deliveries and Disappearing

Technology Matters

    The price for Amazon Prime is rising from 99-dollars a year to 119

    Its costing more to provide Prime services — which includes free shipping and video perks.

    The 20 buck hike starts the 11th.  June 16th for renewing customers like me.

    If you’re tired of thieves stealing packages off your front porch, then hang in there.  You may soon have packages delivered to your car trunk.

    Amazon launching the service in 37 cities — but it’s coming to more soon.

    You need to be a Prime member for the free service.

    The Amazon Key app uses a camera and smart lock so deliveries can be placed in your car or home.

    Nothing too big or expensive…and…it can’t be from a third party.

    The Amazon domination of this Technology Matters continues.

    There’s now a kid-friendly version of the Echo-Dot smart speaker powered by Alexa.

    The kid version plays music and answers questions tailored to a child audience.

    Example, if a kid asks if Santa is real, Alexa dodges the question — saying she hasn’t met him and is curious about Rudolph’s nose.

    There are privacy concerns.  An Amazon spokeswoman says it only listens for the wake work “Alexa.”  It also has parental controls and a mute button.

    From one big tech outfit to another.  Google  introducing disappearing gmail messages.

    Critics say email is passe, surpassed by Whatsapp and Snapchat.  

    The new Gmail can be put in “confidential mode.”  You can set the mail to expire to stop it from resurfacing years later.  You can revoke emails at any time.

    It works with emails sent to non Gmail accounts.

    The next time you visit one of the Smithsonian Museums you may be greeted by Pepper.

    Pepper tells stories, poses for pictures and dances.

    (Robot dancing.)

    It answers frequently asked questions.

    “Where are the bathrooms?”

    “Oh right.  Humans need bathrooms.”

    Pepper is programmed for each exhibit.

    Softbank Robotics donated 25 Peppers to the Smithsonian…valued at 25-thousand-dollars each.

    The four-foot tall bots won’t be everywhere and won’t replace docents or volunteers.

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