Technology Matters-Concept Cars

Technology Matters

    Chrysler with a glimpse of the future of driving with the ‘Portal.’
    It’s an all-electric, self-driving minivan that can go an estimated 250-miles on a full charge.
    The Portal also has it’s fair share of high-tech features, including facial and voice-recognition technology.  You might like the ‘personal audio zones’ where the driver and passenger can each listen to their own music.
    There’s even an interior camera for selfies.

    Toyota is looking ahead — not to next year’s models, but to the future.
    Toyota says the Concept-i is how cars might look in 20-30.
    It’s doors are made almost entirely of glass to give passengers a better view of the road beneath them.
    The rear wheels are built into the car’s sleek white frame.
    It still needs a human driver.  
    The car does have autonomous driving features, but they’re designed to be used only in challenging driving situations.  
    Too soon to put a sticker prices on the Concept-i.
    Toyota will begin testing the vehicle in the next few years, but don’t count on the Concept-i hitting the road anytime soon.

    The Bosch concept car has a broad-range of innovative technologies including the moment the driver sits down.  Facial recognition technology sets the steering wheel, mirrors and interior temperature.  
    The system is controlled by a haptic touch display and innovative gesture control system.  
    Cloud-based services enable videoconferencing, or allowing drivers and passengers to plan their weekend.
    The car can talk to a connected city to find parking.
    Bosch plans on testing this year in the U.S. with cooperation form Mercedes-Benz.

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