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    Swim Guide finds the cleanest beaches for swimming, surfing and more.

    It draws data from more than 100 beach monitoring sources giving you real-time data on water quality and cleanliness.

    You’ll learn about beach amenities, and even where to park.  Search by beach name or geographic area.  The app is free for iOS and Android.

    Sunzapp gives you all the info you need to be sun safe.  It considers your skin type, location and environmental conditions.  It factors in clothing, sunscreen and more.  All based on info from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    One especially useful feature is a timer that tells you when it’s time to call it quits for the day.  The app is free for iOS and Android.

    The high-ranking Dark Sky app provides hyper-local forecasting.  This means you’ll get fair warning about rain or shine on an hour-by-hour basis.

    Dark Sky even shows a time-lapse view of local cloud movements.  The app is 3-99 for iOS and Android.

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