Technology Matters-Attention Shoppers!

Technology Matters

    Walmart has a patent that means audio surveillance may be coming.

    No, they won’t be spying on your conversations.  This is targeting employees.  The devices could be placed near cash registers tracking transactions and determining how employees are performing.

    Video captures are already being used for security purposes.  Walmart says “a need exists” for more monitoring.

    Walmart and Amazon have made huge strides in online grocery delivery, now the service is coming to Kroger.

    The largest grocery chain in the U.S. has launched “Kroger Ship.” 

    You’ll have to wait if you live in Indiana or Illinois.  The service will expand over the coming month

    Kroger previously offered delivery from 12-hundred stores through third parties.

    This is a growing trend as more of us shop online, even for groceries.

    Surf’s up dude!  Tesla made 200 surfboards and they sold out immediately.  But, you may find them on eBay.  Asking prices hitting five-thousand-dollars at last look.

    The Tesla surfboard does not come with electric motors.  Think about it.  Electric motor.  Water.  No.

    One thing much more affordable and the price may be dropping…..the Samsung Galaxy S-9.  Its not selling well says Samsung.

    The S-9 and S-9 Plus included minor changes from its predecessors and consumers weren’t impressed.  Samsung’s bottom line took a hit.

    If you’re in need of a phone, shop around, you might find a good price on these puppies.

    Look for the S-10 to sport cutting-edge tech, new looks and 5-G technologies.

    That phone should come out earlier than expected…along with mid-and-low-end models with new features.

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