Technology Matters-Apps Yes, Trolls No

Technology Matters

Love Jeopardy? You can play while driving. There’s a hands-free, voice-based app…hosted by Alex Trebek.

The questions are from Jeopardy games over it’s past 35 seasons.

Download the ‘Drivetime‘ app.

You can watch Jeopardy on our sister station WTWO at 7:30 eastern weeknights. Yes, that was a shameless plug.

GameStop will be closing stores soon. No word on which stores or when. There are two GameStops in Terre Haute.

More are playing digitally on mobile devices or computers.

Parents may soon have a Google baby monitor to track baby’s eyes and body movements.

The monitor would warn parents five to ten minutes before baby wakes up.

The device promises video streaming, audio recordings and A-I to monitor behavior against a database of normal patterns.

There’s a patent, but Google says not everything it patents is developed.

How about monitoring your blood pressure via selfie?

Soon, maybe? Research software called transdermal optical imaging looking promising.

Compared to cuff base device…95 percent accuracy on the upper number. 96 percent on the lower number.

More research needed on those with high or low blood pressure.

I close with Melissa Blake, freelance writer and blogger from Dekalb, Illinois.

She was born with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome. A rare genetic bone and muscular disease. She’s had 26 surgeries.

She made news when she criticized President Trump in an opinion piece for CNN.

The Internet trolls crawled out from under their rocks. Most hiding behind fake online pseudonyms or emails.

They didn’t attack her view of Trump, they attacked how she looks.

“You’re too ugly and should be banned from posting your picture,” said one.

Blake took the high road, even posting more selifes and the good people of the Internet responded. Blake says it was heartwarming, reaffirming her faith in humanity.

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