Technology Matters-A Bunch of Apples

Technology Matters

    Apple Music on Google Home smart speakers soon.  There’s an option to sign into Apple Music on the Google Home app.  

    Its not functional yet.  Keep checking.  Apple Music is on Amazon Echo.

    The Apple Watch may save lives by detecting irregular heartbeats.

    Pulse data from the watch’s heart rate monitor collected from 400-thousand participants.  Those with irregular pulses were sent electrocardiogram patches.  One-third turned out to have AFib. 

    Nearly 30 percent of the returns were false positives.  So, potentially useful, but to early to say with certainty.

    New iPads.  The Mini, 7-point-9-inch screen and three-times faster than the previous Mini.  The Air with a 10-point-5 inch screen and faster.  399 and 499.

    Here’s the new iMac.  Just kidding!  That’s the 30-year-old Apple Two-E a professor found in his parents attic.  It still worked.

    Here’s the new iMac.  21-point-5-inch with Retina 4-K display.

    The 27-inch model updated too with Retina 5-K display.

    The look hasn’t changed, but the new iMac’s are said to be faster and smarter than the previous models.

    The small Mac hits just under 13-hundred dollars…the big boy around 18-hundred smackers.

    Big news for cord cutters.  Apple TV Plus soon to challenge the other streamers.

    Apple promising original shows, movies and docs to more than one-billion screens.

    No word on price.  Debuting sometime this September.

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