Technology Matters-5G in 2020

Technology Matters

5-G is here.

Faster speeds.

Speedier connections.

Seamless streaming.

I haven’t seen this promised perks. Have you?

That’s because 5-G coverage is limited across the country. That may change this year.

Tech experts say 5-G phones and networks will increasingly become more available to everyone this year.

So, how fast is 5-G?

The techperts say it’s Internet speed is up to 100 times faster than 4-G.


Here’s how it works. Much of the 5-G network will travel over super high-frequency airwaves, bringing faster speeds and more bandwidth.

5-G can’t travel through walls or windows. Wireless companies are having install possibly millions of miniature cell towers on top of lampposts and buildings.

The process is slow with wireless companies rolling out the service one market at a time.

5-G coverage is expanding at a much faster pace than the 4-G roll out of ten-years ago.

Right now, all four major wireless providers are offering some kind of 5-G service.

In December T-Mobile launched what it called the first nationwide 5-G service.

The other providers say they’ll have coast-to-coast service later this year.

And it’s not just for you phone. Its for cars, robots and laptops. Tablets and other technology too. All, one day, enjoying the speed of 5-G connectivity.

I feel the need for speed.

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