Technology Matters-2018 Tech Preview

Technology Matters

    Expect drones to dazzle in 20-18.

    Drones are making life easier and safer.  From the delivery of supplies and medicines to better crop production.  Drones improve efficiency and make for safer infrastructure inspections and maintenance. 

    Drones are taking us to new heights.

    Robotics are distrupting markets and bringing game-changing innovation to business, health care and education.

    Robots are reading facial expressions, anticipating needs and providing better security in the home.

    Robots are smarter and more capable than ever.

    Healthcare could see huge advances this year.  Look for remote monitoring products, wearables and new diagnostic solutions. 

    The healthcare industry is embracing new tools and technologies to enhance the patient experience.

    Expect augmented and virtual reality to reach new heights.  AV/VR are being used to create immersive experiences.

    Here’s one if you have extra coin.  Designer smart watches.  Form meets function.  Most wallets will be too thin for these.

    And here’s a good one.  5G connectivity will grow this year.  5G means greater data through capacity, faster speeds and lower latency.

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