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    If you’re skittish about sharing personal information online…..then the “cloud” must really spook you.
    Create strong passwords and change them periodically.  Don’t use the same one for all online accounts.
    Check cloud settings on all devices to protect privacy.
    Don’t hand over information when asked — especially your social security number.
    Shop online as a guest to avoid storing billing information on a retailer’s website.  A hacker can’t get your info if you do that.

    From the cloud to Mars.
    The new Mars 20-20 Rover will be able to record sounds from the red planet.  Let’s hope we don’t hear something like “you can’t park here”
    The new model will feature several cameras to make 3-D maps.  

    Time to kick the Kardashian’s to the curb.  Apple is making a reality show about apps.  There’s appointment t-v.
    Developers will face off in a competition mentored and funded by Silicon Valley experts.
    The winner’s work will be featured in Apple’s app store.
    Applicants must submit screen shots of their app, which can be designed for any Apple product.
    “Planet of the Apps” is expected to start filming later this year.  Yes, you heard correctly, “Planet of the Apps.”

    Sorry kids, mom and dad are invading Snapchat.
    Users age 25 to 34 have increased Snapchat usage by nearly 40 percent.  Double from two years ago.
    There’s a five percent increase from users older than 35.
    From new tech being adopted my the older crowd…to old tech finally being dumped by an older crowd.

    Congress is finally booting Blackberry phones and switching to Android or iPhone.  Blackberry is discontinuing production of all OS 10 devices.
    The move comes years after the public started abandoning Blackberries.  And who says Congress doesn’t do anything anymore.

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