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    The annual Consumer Electronics Show always delivers.  New gadgets and gizmos.  Bringing the cool in cars and concepts.  Its a geek and nerdfest.  And that’s a good thing.

    Making a splash, Samsung with three projects from it’s super secret lab.  These may change your life someday.

    This is the Welt, the next gen of wearable tech.
    It looks like a belt.  Hidden inside is a smart sensor to track your health.  It will record your waist size, eating habits and steps.  It even knows how long you’ve been sitting.

    Rink is a hand-motion controller for those playing in virtual reality.

    This one is difficult to see.  It’s Tiptalk, a watch strap that lets you hear your smartphone without headphones.  Touch your ear and calls, videos, anything is heard in your ear.  No pesky headphone cords.

    Cool – huh?

    Don’t look for these on store shelves soon.  Samsung says they’re still in developmental phases.

    One more from Samsung, this giant cell phone.  No, it’s a refrigerator.  A four-door smart fridge.
    It has a two-foot touchscreen.  Internet-connected cameras to view contents without opening the doors.
    No price tag yet.  A current Wi-Fi connected LCD panel for for 36-hundred.

    Not to be outdone by it’s neighbor, LG is out with a TV you can roll up like a newspaper.
    This 18-inch hi-def display is a concept and will likely never be sold.
    I’m not sure why you’d want to roll up or bend your TV.
    Like concept cars, LG TV’s are meant to show what’s possible.

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