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    Amazon has disabled encryption from its Kindle Fire devices, meaning the devices can no longer encrypt stored data.
    The move is to show support for Apple in it’s fight with the Feds.  The FBI wants Apple to alter some software so the agency can unlock the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.
    Tech experts fear the move could set a bad precedent and impact the security of products.

    While Apple battles the FBI in the courts, they had another issue to deal with.
    Security researchers say malicious software called “ransomware” has successfully targeted Apple computers for the first time.
    Ransomware hijacks a computer, locking out the user until a ransom is paid.
    The program is called “Keranger” and requires victims to pay one Bitcoin, a little more than 400-dollars, to retrieve their files.
    Palo Alto Networks reported the issue to Apple and Apple took steps to protect users after being alerted.  So continue on Apple lovers, its safe.

    From encryption and ransomware to something that would be handy in the home, but is coming to a plane first.
    Boeing is developing self-cleaning lavatories for its passenger jets.
    The tech employes U-V light, which kills more than 99 percent of germs.
    The entire lavatory would be illuminated for three seconds after use.
    Toilet seats would raise automatically to ensure the entire surface is exposed to U-V light.
    The light is not harmful to people, just germs.
    Boeing says its still in the testing phase.

    Finally, do you recognize this man?  Most don’t and most don’t know he died in early March.
    Ray Tomlinson is the guy who devised direct email messages.  He came up with the idea in 1971.  That was a new idea then…and not many had access to computers.  His invention enabled the few users to communicate with each other.
    Email didn’t take off until the explosion of P-C’s and online services in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
    Tomlinson is credited with make the “at” sign…the one that looks like the letter “A”….a part of every email address.
    Thanks, Ray.

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