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    Alarmy brags of being named the “world’s most annoying alarm app.”  It lives up to it’s name.  (Natural sound of alarm.)  The loud, obnoxious alarm will not shut off with a simple snooze button.  Instead, you take a picture of a room and “register” it with your alarm.  To shut the alarm off, you have to get up and take a picture of your registered room.  It has to match or the alarm will keep going off.  You can also set it so that you can simply shake your phone a set number of times.  That’s shake the phone, not throw it at the wall.  The app is 1-99 for IOS or Android.

    Mimicker Alarm is a free alarm app that gets you up and at’em by forcing you to mimic an action.  That’s how you shut off your alarm.  You do this by taking a selfie with a certain expression.  The Mimicker Alarm won’t shut off for the day until the action is complete.  The app is free for Android.

    Wake n Shake is described as “annoying but good” by some users.  Exactly what many may be looking for in an alarm app.  The developers say Wake n Shake is merciless.  The only way to shut it off is by shaking your iPhone like crazy.  There aren’t any other ways to shut if off.  Throwing the phone or cursing at it won’t work.  Wake n Shake can be customized with different alarms and levels of intensity.  The app is 99 cents for IOS.

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