Technology Matters-About Those Bots

Technology Matters

This is Digit. He and his friends could be walking among us as soon as 2021.

The company making Digit is teaming with Ford. The pioneer of assembly lines could soon see robots riding in self-driving cars.

Ford’s not the only player. Tesla, Google and Uber working tirelessly on self-driving tech.

Semi trucks are starting to drive themselves. Grocery stores are making rolling robot deliveries. And Amazon floating the idea of drones dropping off packages.

Now Digit joining the race to turn science fiction…into same day delivery.

Another big name getting into bots, Ikea.

Rognan combines furniture with robotic technology to help you utilize more space in small rooms.

The plan is one day you’ll push a button and adjust the items in your room or change them completely.

Ikea hopes to launch this next year.

Interesting ideas and work underway, but then there’s this. Buy a new Mac Pro desktop and the stand holding up the screen will cost you 9-hundred-99-dollars. What the what? That’s on top of the nearly 12-k you’d spend for the desktop and monitor.

Apple catching all kinds of grief for this one. Twitterverse: “has Apple lost touch with reality?” “Stupid” and “greedy.”

Apple says the Pro stand is “intricately engineered” making the display feel “virtually weightless.” Yeah, just like my wallet if I’m dumb enough to fork over a thousand for that.

Maybe it needs the money to replace those Mac batteries that have been recalled. Overheating the issue on Macbook Pro models sold from September 2015 to to February 2017. You could get a free battery.

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