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Are you still watching? You know, that little message that pops up on Netflix?

Yes, we’re watching and a lot since the pandemic began.

Now we’re waiting to see “when” — not “if”– prices go up.

Netflix has more competition, Disney, HBO Max, Apple TV. But the Flix pricing power is growing.

A survey of subscribers found 55 percent would pay more to keep Netflix.

The good new, a price hike isn’t likely this year.

YouTube TV hiked prices again. After adding eight channels, the price shot up from 50-dollars a month to 65. Hey, Tube, you said you were here to help people cut the cord and save money. Suggestion, offer a la cart pricing. You do get WAWV and WTWO with YouTube TV.

Amazon considering adding live tv to it’s Prime service.

Amazon talking with suppliers.

Amazon starting Watch Party, aimed at staying connected while social distancing.

You can host or attend a Prime Video Watch Party.

It’s a new option for desktops so you can co-watch with friends and fellow Prime members.

As host, you’re in charge of providing others with a synchronized theater-like experience.

Choose from Prime’s TV and movie lineup.

If you’d rather play a game, check out Sony’s newest, PlayStation Five.

Reality is the future of virtual gaming.

The console with custom chips, processing power of an 80s supercomputer allowing for ray-tracing…making rendered scenes appear even more real.

Microsoft countering with the Xbox Series X…similar power and hyper-realistic games. Available for PC’s with the power to run them.The latest from “Animal Crossing” lets you swim.

Good news for gamers dealing with closed pools and beaches.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons” lets you have weddings and parties. If you want to swim….you’ll have to rent a virtual wet suit and pay with digital currency.

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