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The Curiosity Mars rover snapped a selfie while climbing a giant hill.

Its a 360-degree panorama shot composed of 86 images.

Curiosity will have company soon, the Perseverance rover and Mars helicopter Ingenuity.
It will be the first aircraft to attempt powered flight on another planet.

Mars getting the love these days, but don’t forget about our moon.

Future moon missions now have a road map in case they need directions.

The U.S. Geological Survey released the lunar map after a decades-long project using Apollo-era maps and recent data.

Rock layers and irregularities such as craters and faults are charted in great detail.

Toyota getting in on space development.

Toyota part of a project to build a moon base, a joint Japan-U.S. effort.

The automaker hopes working in the space industry will advance its research and development in autonomous driving.

With NASA planning a moon trip in 2024 and the Space Station orbiting, attention is turning to…..toilets.

NASA wants you to design a new space toilet.

They’re calling it the Lunar Loo Challenge.

Existing toilets work in microgravity. The new toilet will have work in lunar gravity, as well.

The toilet must be smaller and more efficient than current models.

35-thousand in total prize money available.

So, if you’re a wiz with good ideas you can help astronauts with their duties.
The deadline is August 17th. NASA hopes to be flush with ideas by then.

What does space smell like? Eau de Space brings the scent of outer space down to Earth.

A chemist took four years to develop a scent astronauts describe as a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries…..and rum.

Eau de Space has topped 50-thousand-dollars in donations on Kickstarter.

NASA also wants to release a fragrance called Smell of the Moon.

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