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Technology Matters

Local brick and mortar suffering. Shopping at online sites like Amazon, exploding.

But online help for the mom and pop stores.

Streetify identifies deals and posts them in a virtual storefront window. Owners can add their own messages.

Ebay joining in with free listings on it’s Up and Running site. Good through July second.

Pepsi responding to the virus with two direct-to-you sites with Snacks-dot-com and Pantry-Shop-dot-com.

Many are staying in touch with Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Google offering “Meet,” free for everyone.

The work-from-home revolution has sparked a teleconferencing phenomenon.

There’s also Facebook’s contribution…Messenger Rooms.

All this working from home seems to have increased productivity.

A survey finds 54 percent of those working from home say its had a positive effect.

No commuting, fewer distractions and fewer meetings leading to an increase in productivity.

The survey also found about one-half feel lonely working from home.

Lyft pausing it’s carpooling option and going to Wait and Save.

If you’re willing to wait longer for your ride, you’ll pay a lower fee. Prices vary by time of day and area.

Lower prices good, free better.

Google out with the ‘Read Along‘ app for Android.

It helps children five and up learn to read by giving verbal and visual feedback as they read out loud.

The app uses speech recognition to help develop literacy skills.
Reading lesson done, it’s time for Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

The game takes you to your own island — where you fish, farm and befriend a bunch of talking animals.

You can visit other players’ islands — safe socializing that.

Animal Crossing is selling like mad.

It’s platform — the Nintendo Switch — has sold out across multiple websites.

I haven’t seen one of these in Terre Haute, yet.

“Your symptoms show that you may be at risk. I would recommend you to visit a doctor.”

The pandemic has seen a rise in robots taking temperatures or reminding you of social distancing.

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