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Police scanner apps are soaring in popularity.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner” one of the more popular. Five-dollars for iPhones.

Nearly one-third of adults added a streaming service during the height of the lockdown.

Credit-Cards-dot-com says 54 percent used a streaming service more in March, April and May.

Just over one-half admit to sharing accounts with people they don’t live with. No!

HBO Max the new kid on the block.

Initial sign ups nothing impressive. Explains Warner-Media’s boss saying Max doesn’t want to replace Netflix or Amazon.

With warm weather here, Samsung rolling out it’s first outdoor t-v and soundbar.

The Terrace” has an anti-reflective coating and adaptive picture tech. The display works in all outdoor conditions, including daylight.

The Terrace comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
65 and 75-inch models.

The t-v and soundbar are water and dust resistant.

Just five-thousand bucks for the little guy.

Samsung also out with the ‘Hand Wash‘ app.

Download to your Samsung smartwatch and set reminders for washing your hands.

25 second handwashing countdown. Five for soaping, 20 for scrubbing. Or just sing Happy Birthday twice.

It will track your daily handwashing and give you a weekly average.

Group selfies not easy, what with social distancing.

Apple now has a patent to invite people to a group selfie.

Each person’s background would be removed, so all appear with the same background.

No word if Apple will now create and market the software.

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