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Is there a new outfit making news online? Google is making it easier to find.

It’s new section scans the Internet. Once you find it, Google lists the sites where you can buy it.

From one search engine to another, a new player.

Verizon OneSearch is worth a look. It promises more privacy than the standard options in a market Google dominates.

Search results from Microsoft’s Bing. Verizon adding no cookie tracing, no sharing of personal data with advertisers and no storing of your search history.

Available on the web. Mobile apps for Android and iOS soon.

While spending more time at home, there’s bound to be tv viewing. Binge watching is expected to skyrocket. Its already booming. In the last three-months of 20-19 streaming shot up nearly 60 percent.

There’s more new players these days. Recent newcomers include Disney, Apple TV+ and this month NBC’s Peacock, next month HBO Max.

You can still enjoy your favorite restaurants. Either pick-up or delivery.

There are a number of take out apps to try. Many enticing diners with rewards…like 40 percent off a dinner bill. Many restaurants offering discounts too. See links below.

Here in the Valley we’ve listed dozens of restaurants where you can pick-up or have it delivered. I’ll link you to all those fine local eateries.

While we have you covered on shopping, tv and eats, lets address the small adults.

Parents at home with their children no silence is golden.

Amazon to the rescue. It’s Audible is offering free audiobooks for the kids.

Download the free app and you’ll see a variety of children’s stories — even the classics — for ages up to teen.

This free Audible service will be available as long as schools are closed.

Lets end with a Google Doodle homage to a hand washing champion.

Ignaz Semmelweis is a 19th century doctor credited with discovering the medical importance of washing our hands.

He was working the maternity ward of a Vienna hospital in the 1840s when he noticed new mothers dying of “childbed fever.”

Lots of theories on this. The Hungarian doctor asked doctors to wash their hands between deliveries.

The mortality rate fell dramatically.

Criticized then. Today, credited with helping us understand the importance of hand washing.





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