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Lets get the small apples out of the way.

Apple has a patent for surround-sound tech for the Macbook. A virtual acoustic system that would make sound from a Mac sound like it’s coming from different angles.

Apple has the go ahead, but don’t look for it anytime soon. (Possible work around)

If you haven’t been spending money during the pandemic, there is a new Macbook Pro. The 13-inch model priced at 12-hundred-99-dollars.

Double the storage space of previous generations, 256 Gig. Updated keyboard and touch bar. It promises better visual performances, speed boost and quote: “the best typing experience ever on a Mac notebook.” Pretty bold talk.

If you want Intel’s 10th generation chip…add 500 bucks to the cost. Yikes!

But you can buy this with the Apple card, making monthly installments through the iPhone Wallet app.

If you aren’t a user, you get a digital card connected to Wallet and a physical card made of titanium.

Now to the shiny apples.

Apple’s World Wide Development Conference began Monday, and here are some of the goodies to look forward too.

Apple now making it’s own chips for Mac’s, goodbye Intel.

Following Catalina OS will be iOS-14 to be called Big Sur. A big update for the iPhone.

Look for an App Library to organize apps on an iPhone homescreen, no more scrolling.

There’s also App Clips, enabling you to use a small part of an app as needed.

On limited rollout will be Carkey, which lets you unlock and start your car with an iPhone. It also shares an electronic key with other users of the vehicle.

Oh, initially available only on 20-21 BMW 5 series cars.

The Apple Watch will let you know how long you’ve been washing your hands. It does it through motion and sound. It also tells you if you haven’t washed long enough. Just like mom.

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