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    Another tech fail.  Facebook saying a bug exposed nearly seven-million users’ private photos without permission.

    Third-party app developers accessing photos you probably didn’t share publicly.

    You’ll get a notice if it was your pics.

    On a happier note, maybe one day we’ll see this roaming Honey Creek or Meadows.

    An LA mall will turn some security and customer relations over to this guy.  Gal

    No human jobs lost.  The mall running a contest to name the bot.

    Only on the left coast.  Californians may soon be paying a tax for texting.

    The Public Utilities Commission voting in January on adding a surcharge for text messages.

    This would apply only to cell phone texts.

    A lot of people are unhappy about this idea.

    It would be a complicated thing, but hey, that never stopped California from taxing something.

    You can now play Apple Music through Alexa.

    Ask her to play specific tunes.  She can also control the volume and play controls.  Clever girl.

    Google Home Assistant now with two accents.  You can swap our standard American for British or Australian.  There’s  “Sydney Harbor Blue” and “British Racing Green.”  I know that was lame.

    This works on Android phones and Google Home speakers.

    I’ve been doing tech reports for 22-years.  Most of the time this guy was in the anchor chair beside me.

    He’s retiring.  New Year’s Even Monday his last day.

    Some wag suggested since this is tech, try this guy in the anchor chair.  Artificial intelligence anchor.
    (Anchor captioned)

    Nah!  He couldn’t replace this guy.

   Thank you, Tom.

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