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    How do you or your children decide what to watch on YouTube?

    You may not have much control.

    More than 5-billion videos are viewed each day.

    YouTube is pushing content on you that may not always be positive.

    Its right on the side of your screen…the Up Next stuff.

    This is done to keep you on the site, and make money.

    It must be working.  YouTube now has more than 2-billion monthly users.

    Watch time is now more than 250-million hours each day according to the Tube.

    That’s a jump of 39 percent in less than one-year.  And that doesn’t count YouTube TV, the internet pay-tv service.

    Also tooting its horn, Spotify announcing its topped 100-million paid subscribers.

    Its premium service grew by one-third after hooking up with Google, Hulu and Samsung.

    A bunch of Spotify promotions helped boost the jump.

    Spotify thinks it will have close to 230-million paid and free users by year’s end.

    If you listen to Spot you might consider new speakers.

    The Apple HomePod price is down 50-dollars from the original 349.

    The Siri-powered smart speaker is still more costly than competitor’s devices.

    Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices start between 100 and 130 dollars…with mini versions even cheaper.

    Finally, brace yourself Instagrammers?  I think I just made up a word.  If you’re used to seeing how many likes someone else’s photo has…that number may soon be hidden.

    Instagram is testing this in Canada and its already drawing strong reaction.  Some think it will help with self-esteem, others will miss the various elements of “likes.”

    The Gram is also looking into new ways to tackle online bullying.  And its looking at “Away Mode”….a way to opt out during a sensitives times in your life.

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