Technology Matters-Price Hikes and Silliness

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    YouTube TV recently became available in the Terre Haute Metro.  50 Channels, including us, for 40 bucks.  Now its 70 channels for 50 bucks.

    Is it worth it?  That’s your call.  Discovery and Food Network among the adds.  Lots of sports channels.  And did I mention WAWV and WTWO are on You Tube TV?

    If you get You TubeTV through Apple, you’ll pay even more, 54-99 a month.  Still a lot cheaper than cable or satellite.

    If Alexa is part of your household, know that Amazon hires people to listen to what you’re saying to Alexa.

    Thousands of employees doing this.  Amazon says a small number of interactions are used from a random set of customers.

    Still, a lot of people don’t like this. 

    There is an opt out option available in settings where you can delete saved recordings.

    This isn’t the first time Amazon has been called on the carpet for being nosy.

    There’s an app for Trump supporters.  At least there will be once the security flaw if fixed.

    63-Red Safe lets users know if restaurants and other businesses are “Trump-friendly.”

    The app is for conservatives looking for safe places where they won’t be harassed for being Trump fans.

    The app lets you rate restaurants as safe or unsafe based on four four factors.

    Are all welcome?  Is concealed carry legal?  Does the business avoid politics and are all customers protected from attack due to their political beliefs?

    Apple and Google Play stores promising the app will return.

    I close with this tail.  And I mean, this tail.

    There’s an app on Google that lets you control an animatronic tail.  Its from London’s The Tail Company.  I’m not making this up.  The website urges you to get you “rear in gear.”

    A husband and wife team came up with this.  There’s fox, rabbit and wolf tails.  Tails based on movie characters.

    The app has a pose mode for photographers.  You can build a sequence of moves.  It  has fast and slow wags.

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