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    First, green news.  Samsung getting rid of plastic packaging on all its products.  Environmentally-friendly packaging now.  

    A good move.  Some reports say there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 20-50.

    New Samsung phones .  The S-10 5G, a little bigger and heavier than the S-10 Plus.  It features cinema-grade color and multi-lens cameras.  The 5G with a 6-point-7 inch infinity edge screen.  6-point-4 on the Plus, 6-point-1 on on the S10.

    First with a 5G phone, but operating on a small number of networks later this year.

    Samsung out with a foldable phone.  Pocket-sized, but folding out to a 7-point-3 inch touch screen running multiple apps.  This one’s available in late April.   Save your folding money, two-thousand smackers for the Galaxy Fold.

    Huawei (Wow-weigh) out with a foldable phone, too.

    The Chinese company claims to be the leader in 5G phones.  It promises super fast Internet because it helped develop the networks.

    The flexible phone rocks an 8-inch display and will set you back, get a grip, 26-hundred dollars.  That’s a little more than 17-thousand Yuan (U-wan).

    If you’re wondering about Apple, its not expected to release a 5G phone until late next year.

    More foldable stuff.

    Royole (row-al) a Chinese company was the first to beat Samsung and Huawei with its foldable Android.

    It has a 7-point-8 inch screen and costs around 13-hundred U.S.

    The company also has a top hat with a bendable screen, featuring media player to stream content in color.  Alrighty, then.

    New phones and foldables, but are you impressed.

    USA Today and Survey Monkey asked 13-hundred consumers about all this.

    More than three-out-of-four say longer battery life is priority one.

    Just over one-half say better camera quality would motivate them to upgrade.

    Nearly all iPhone and Android users plan on staying with their current OS, even if they do splurge on a new phone.

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