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    Remember all the hub-bub over Samsung’s Galaxy Fold?  A four-point-six-inch smartphone opening up to a seven-point-three-inch tablet.

    Well, it didn’t work so well. 

    Early users reporting defective hinges and broken screens.  Samsung saying the Galaxy Fold needs further improvements.  Thank you Captain Obvious.

    Samsung had been taking orders since early April.  If you pre-ordered you will not be charged until the device ships.  And we hope, works this time.  At a cost of nearly two-thousand-dollars, it better work.

    People want this.  The phone has already sold out online.

    From promising new tech to a big promise.  Amazon promising one-day shipping for Prime members sometime this year.

    Amazon investing 800-million to make free one-day shipping the Prime standard.  The bummer, Terre Haute not on the initial list.  The company does offer one-day shipping for certain products and customers. 

    Don’t forget, there’s two-hour delivery on certain items via it’s Prime Now service.  Again, not yet available here. 

    There are more than 100 million Prime subscribers.  I’m one, so come Amazon lets get Prime and Prime Now in Terre Haute, now.

    You may be able to order news Airpods soon.

    Two new versions going into production.  One similar in design and price.  The other an all new design and will cost more.

    Airpods are one of Apple’s better selling new products.  Microsoft and Amazon may be working on wireless earbuds according to tech scuttle.

    If you buy those Airpods through Amazon, you can help cut waste.

    Amazon Day aims to reduce it’s carbon footprint, giving customers control over deliveries.

    All your orders during the week will be savĂ­ online.  You pick the day you want all of it delivered.

    Testing of the idea began in November and Amazon says its already saved tens of thousands of boxes.

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