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    When it absolutely, positively has to get there, how about this guy

    Fed Ex testing “Same Day Bot.”

    It has six-wheels, carries up to 100-pounds and can even climb stairs.

    The Segway inventor designed this.

    Same Day Bot won’t leave your package at the door — you have to be home to accept it.

    Some worry this will cost jobs.  Fed Ex says bots will create new jobs, paying more.

    More bots.  This time in Walmart.

    Soon you’ll see autonomous floor cleaners and shelf scanners,.

    Robotic unloaders to handle deliveries.

    The company says this will free up associates to better serve customers.

    Retailers are hard at work to get you off-line and in their stores.

    Businesses like malls and restaurants can offer free or discounted Uber rides for customers.

    Uber testing this with hundreds of companies.  Its offered in most major cities where Uber is operating. 

    No word on when Uber Vouchers will be available in Terre Haute.

    If you prefer to sit and shop, check out the latest from Instagram

    “Check Out” includes 20 brands, but that list will expand.

    Next time you hit the Amazon Go store in Chicago, you may be able to pay with cash.

    Up until now you were charged through your phone.  Critics say that discriminated against those without a bank account.

    Amazon may open up to three-thousand stores by 20-21.  Bring it.

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