Technology Matters-A Gaggle of Google Gadgets

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    The Google Chrome extension Password Checkup helps fend off hackers

    It automatically alerts you if a username and password on a site may be unsafe or compromised.  If you get a warning, change your password.

    Use this.  A Google database contains 4 billion compromised credentials.

    Even Google won’t know your account details with Password Checkup.

    If you can’t login to Google Plus, that’s because it died April second.  Google Plus, you say?  Exactly.  Google put the kibosh on it because hardly anyone used it.

    Paging Doctor Google.  Google Translate being studied for use in the medical field. 

    Google looked at 100 sets of instructions in a San Francisco hospital ER.  It worked pretty well.

    Don’t expect to see this anytime soon.

    If you use Google Nest Guard for home security, listen up. 

    Google never mentioned Nest Guard has a microphone.  You have to activate the mic, so its not been spying on you.

    Google Stadia is a must see for you gamers.

    Play on one platform and easily move to another.  Games are streamed from the Google cloud to the Chrome browser.  Play instantly and no downloads or installs required.

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