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    5G is going to be a big deal.

    The next generation wireless technology is lightning quick.

    Making your phone 10 times faster than 4G — according to industry expectations.

    But more is possible with 5G.

    And that’s what researchers want to find out.

    Ericsson teamed up up with King’s College London to look at new ways to use 5G.

    Think remote surgery — with virtual reality gloves.

    Paving the way for doctors to operate on a patient on the other side of the world via robot.

    Or digitizing a piano player’s hands — to help teach people how to play remotely.

    It may even power self-driving cars — and smart cities.

    Right now — Verizon — AT&T — T-Mobile — and Sprint are developing and testing 5G network technology.

    The faster connection may come in the not-so-distant future.

    The wireless industry expects 5G networks to launch in 20-20.

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