SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Illinois Supreme Court is launching a committee to implement no-cash bail across the state.

In July, the state’s highest court upheld the SAFE-T Act. Now, cash bail will be eliminated in less than a month. The Pretrial Implementation Task Force has been diligently at work in response.

The Task Force was created in 2020 to better prepare judges and others within the state’s legal system for when no-cash bail begins. The Court decided to get rid of it; now, the committee will focus on pretrial education.

The new Committee on Pretrial Education is designed to serve a similar function as the Task Force. It is geared toward continuing education for judges, pretrial officers and other officials as they prepare to put the Pretrial Fairness portion of the SAFE-T Act into practice. This is the segment that does away with cash bail.

“We now move on to a new phase, and the Illinois Judicial College is well-equipped to provide the ongoing education and training necessary for successful implementation,” Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis said in a statement.

The end of cash bail takes effect in Illinois on Sept. 18th.