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  • Today, we honor Hometown Heroes. We are living through uncertain, troubling times. Some have compared the war on Coronavirus to World War II. It’s interesting to see how Americans dealt with the challenges of the war on the home front. And remember, so many people from the greatest generation.. and their children are becoming sick […]
  • In this tribute to a Hometown Hero, we’ll continue the story about Walter Sommers. His German Jewish family escaped Nazi Germany and came to America. Then during World War II he fought the Japanese in the Pacific and returned home to so much more.
  • If you were Jewish and living in Germany in the 1930’s, it was a dangerous and uncertain time. That’s what faced Hometown Hero Walter Sommers and his family. But they survived and he went on to fight for freedom as an American soldier.
  • We continue to honor Hometown Hero Ike Murphy. The Vincennes native was severely wounded during the Korean War. After the war, he overcame his injuries and works to honor veterans in a very special place in his hometown.
  • The Korean War sometimes doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Thousands of American military personnel fought and died in a effort to push back the North Koreans and Chinese from South Korea. One of those men is Ike Murphy. The Vincennes native survived the war and came home with wounds and stories.

Nominate a hometown hero and have them recognized for their hard work and dedication.  Whether they are active, or inactive military, nominate them below.

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