TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Lando and Marie Cosby have been happily married for 52 years.

More than 50 years ago, back before they met, this Indiana boy and New Jersey girl did their part to serve the nation during WWII.

Lando was drafted during the end of the war. After Japan surrendered he was stationed in Japan with 8th Army, as part of the occupation force. He helped provide supplies to the 8th Army, including food. He said a lot of Tokyo was spared from devastation, but he did see the impacts of the war
including atomic bomb destruction in Hiroshima.

“Really it just looked like the other areas they bombed with the ordinary incendiary bombs, burned out,” said Cosby.

He considers himself fortunate, because the war was over, when he arrived.

“It just went from war 100 percent war to 100 percent peace just overnight,” said Cosby.

Lando’s most important keepsake from his duty is always with him…in his wallet. It’s a picture he took of General Douglas MacArthur as he left his headquarters.

“And me and by buddy saluted him and he was there by his car about 15 to 20 foot away then and he returned the salute… that’s what I pride the most,” Cosby said.

As for Marie, she was back in the states working several jobs that supported the war effort. When war broke out.. she was a waitress. But then she worked in factories that produced parts for radios for planes. She ALSO made parachutes and she even welded parts and rivets for submarines. Yes, Marie was an Rosie the Riveter. Oh and She always kept her eye open for other opportunities and better pay.

“If one paid more I went there, 99 dollars a week and I was only getting 85 cents as a waitress, said Mrs. Cosby.

So how did these two meet?

After the World War II, he farmed near Waveland, Indiana. During the Korean War, he served stateside as a member of Army in Indiana and was eventually transferred to New Jersey. After his service, he stayed in NJ working for Nescafe Coffee.

At that time Marie was a cab driver.

The story goes.. that she brought a cab passenger to a bar who wanted her to come into the
bar. Lando was sitting at the bar.. and Marie’s red hair caught his eye and he said something
to her at the jukebox and possibly even sang.

Sounds like a scene from a movie and eventually the two married and moved back to Indiana
for a more peaceful life that often includes some a lot of laughterm, even on their 52nd