SPENCER, Ind. (WTWO-WAWV) — Melvin McCutchan of Spencer is a World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Army, and recently, he turned 105 years old.The first thing you notice about

Melvin McCutchen’s home are symbols of patriotism and his Christian faith, even talking about it stirs emotion.

“It means as long as I live, there’s going to be a flag flying, because that’s my country’s symbol
mccutchen was born in 1918,” said McCutchan.

After high school, he was drafted into the army in April 1941, so he was already serving at a base in Mississippi when Pearl Harbor was attacked in December of that year.

McCutchan admittedly says he was fortunate for his assigned duties a jeep driver.

He spent much of the war in the Pacific, with time in New Guinea, and various stops in the
Philippines. He would drive officers to various locations, and was able to avoid combat, but he
did experience the horrors of war. He recalls what happened to a close friend from Indiana, was killed in action

“He laid beside the road for at least a week, before a burial crew took him to be buried,” said McCutchan.

After the war, he returned home to his first wife Marjorie who described as… “She was my first sweetheart,” said McCutchan. They had two sons.

Later he married another woman named Edna.

“She was one of my sweeties, Edna was, yes sir bub,” said McCutchan.

And a few years ago, his third wife Virginia? Unfortunately passed away. He described her as, you guessed it, his sweetie.

McCutchan has had various jobs through the years working for several different companies.

He also loves to paint and his home is full of paintings of people, landscapes and places.

He enjoyed being creative and taking care of his home, speaking of his home, that’s how he met his friend and Pastor Rob Murphy.

“He was standing on his front porch, standing on a ladder painting a soffit when he was 94 years old,” said Murphy.

Murphy says McCutchan serves as a inspiration to so many people

“There’s so many things you can learn from just being around him, and especially older people, that I think we take for granted sometimes, said Murphy. He’s the first one. all the women in the church run to and greet. So no matter where he goes, everybody in town knows him and no matter where he goes, he’s got women hanging all over him.’

So, I guess you could say, Melvin McCutchan has more sweeties.