Melanie Boeglin-White says,”I wasn’t always the fastest athlete. I wasn’t going to jump the highest, but I was going to put in the work to be the best.”

What defines a legacy? Can you measure it by shots and steals? 

Teammate Kristen Nasser says,”People say they want to be great, but what do they do to make that happen. Melanie made it happen. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and things that people don’t see.” 

What about wins and losses? Melanie Boeglin’s Terre Haute South teams finished 66-7 with four sectional titles. 

Mel says,”It was an incredible experience and there’s been so many players that went through Terre Haute South.” 

Former THS Head Coach Al Maroska says,”She was a driven kid and came through what I might call the Golden Age of female athletes at South.” 

Including the city of Terre Haute’s only state basketball championship. 

Al says,”Melanie’s a winner. She had a bunch of winners surrounding her and those kids were not going to lose.” 

Nasser says,”She worked harder than anybody I have ever seen. People can work hard, but she put in her time. In high school she was a good player, but wasn’t the player she became at Indiana State.” 

Mel helped the Sycamores to an 88-36 record in four seasons where they won or finished second in the MVC regular season three times, but ask her what stands out the most. 

Mel says,”The way that our community truly embraced our team and what we were trying to do. I remember growing up going to camps at ISU and all the games when I was young and there weren’t a lot of people in the stands so the fact that we were able to bring some success to the program, and not just win games, but get the community involved, was a huge part of our success and our team is really proud of.” 

That’s her legacy. Not school records or wins, but the impact the game of basketball left on her, her teammates, and the Wabash Valley. 

Nasser says,”She has been a big part of that program and such a lasting impact to know that she’s the first female to have her jersey retired that will be hanging there and to walk in every time and see that. I’m really happy for her because she earned it.” 

Mel says,”Thinking through this jersey retirement, it’s really considered an individual award, but it’s far from that. There’s players throughout my career that have had such a huge impact. That team at ISU, we had so many great and talented players that any day could step up and carry that load.” 

Her greatness has even carried over into the the workplace today. Working for IU Health in Indianapolis and after this weekend her jersey will hang in its rightful place. 

“The number of teams and the number of players that will come through I know as a player you do look in the rafters and you see whose names are up there. It’s just cool to think that some players over the next few years will see my name with some of the greats.”

Indiana State will retire Boeglin’s #22 Friday night at 6:40pm before the Sycamores host Loyola.