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“I was just like shocked, said Daniel Schaal. “Like everyone’s house will just be destroyed and everything was just a mess and flooding and all that stuff.”

Nine year old Daniel Cchaal was one of the millions of Americans who tuned in to learn about the thousands of people who were affected by the recent hurricanes leaving many with out basic necessities. 

“They need like electricity and maybe for some that like homes got completely demolished and need like money to rebuild their house.” 

He knew he had help. 

“He said mom, it’s time for me to stand up and it’s time for us to help America,” said Daniel’s mother, Ilona Schaal. “I want America to help America. So we are all brothers we’re all sisters we all are you know are we are friends. You know we have to stop fighting we have to like stop dividing. We have to come united and we have to we have to help each other.” 

“Well, I just decided to paint to help them since like all everything was all over the news and stuff like oh my gosh that’s so tragic,” said Schaal. “Why can’t I help? If I if I lost my electricity I’d want someone like donating money and stuff like that.”

And that’s exactly what he is doing. Helping. 

“They mean so much to him,” said Mrs. Schaal. 

Like any artist with each stroke it’s a piece of him he’s leaving on the canvas, and thanks to a post on Facebook people have been buying his paintings. 

“I was I was really surprised, said painting patron, Iona Woodard. “Although I was very happy because I think children have a lot of power and a lot of instinct a lot of good things I always thought that if you could teach children to do something good for other people without expecting something in return you’ve taught them a life lesson.” 

A life lesson we all can learn. To take the time to help one another. 

“It feels nice feels good when you just like help people up,” said Schaal. 

For more information about Daniel’s paintings, click here

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