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Thirteen year old Bryce Taylor has a new lease on life. He was born with a rare gene mutation.

He’s only the eighth person in the world with this condition which causes epilepsy.

“At about four and half years old he started having seizures and they kept getting worse,” said Byrce’s mother, Andi Taylor. “He was having 70-100 seizures a day. For about six and a half years we had a really rough time.”

Everyone around him knew the struggle that Bryce faced. 

“It was very scary to see one of my best friends going into a seizure,” said Bryce’s best friend, Rhyan Shaffer. 

His family worked with several physicians trying everything they could to help lessen the seizures.

Nothing seemed to work.

Then they learned about CBD oil, a therapeutic compound found in cannabis.

“In 2014 we ended up getting the CBD oil and it completely stopped his seizures. Now we are little over two and a half years seizure free,” said Mrs. Taylor. 

“I take the medicine, said Bryce. “It helps me when i take the CBD oil,” 

Being seizure free has opened his world to new possibilities.

This was the first year of something special.

“This is the first year we done the Special Olympics and he choose to swim. His brothers both swim in high school and in middle school. So he got in there thinking he was a professional from the beginning, and he got in there and swam it just like he was supposed to and he didn’t have any issue’s.” 

“I did back stroke and then the freestyle,” said Bryce. 

He placed fifth, sixth and seventh place in the Special Olympics. But that’s not all. 

“He used to like play catch a different way. He used to stab at the ball and now he just plays catch smoothly,” said Shaffer. 

From swimming to playing catch with his friend, what may seam a small feat for some are both huge accomplishments for Bryce.

“I’m very proud of him,” said Shaffer. 

“I think he can do anything he wants to do, I think he’ll inspire people. I don’t know what he’ll do, I have no idea but i think it’ll have to do with sports.”

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