World War II Veteran Paul McFarland

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Paul joined the Army in 1946 where he had basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky and then was sent to Germany. 

 “I was served in the constabulary which was a police force,” said Paul McFarland. “I was over there a year. I come home and got out in `48.”

 When he was asked if he wanted to re-sign with the army. Well, he had other ideas. 

“I was done with the service as far as I thought then Korea started, and I didn’t want to get back in the Army. I had enough of that.”

So he re-enlisted in a different branch. 

“The Air National Guard in Indianapolis was being federalized for the Korean Conflict and they enlisted me right then.”

Paul began working in the weapons section. 

“I spent a year over there. As a munitions specialist loading bombs and rockets and guns on airplanes. It wasn’t bad where I was, I worked seven days a week. I got to R&R’s to Tokyo. So that wasn’t bad.”

Paul says his time in the war wasn’t as bad as others. 

“Well, all I can say and I wasn’t shot at. So I felt pretty safe. All the time. We got to where and when they would blow the sirens for alerts, we lost a lot of airplanes but they never got to us.”

Despite the dangers, Paul was glad he enlisted. 

“I’ve really had a happy time. A lot of fun. Lots of fun.” 

He took fighting for his country and made the most of it, and even got to see interesting people while over seas. 

“Eisenhower came to Korea, where I was when he first got elected President.”

Paul says he’s grateful for the chance to serve his country, and is proud to be an American. 

“I’m an American first and I’ve I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been very good to me.”

Paul offered some very good advice for each of us.

“If you just get out and look around the fun will come to ya. And I’ve had a lot of fun.”

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