(GOOD DAY LIVE) — Shelley Klingerman joins Julie to chat about an event that Project Never Broken is bringing to Terre Haute.

Giovanni Rocco had a long career in law enforcement with his last operation being deep undercover in the mafia.  During his keynote, he will share multiple stories about when he was undercover and found himself in situations where one slip could end his life. He will share insight into how he infiltrated, a day in the life of an undercover mafia operative, and how they have to mentally keep track of two identities in real time.  Giovanni is an authentic speaker, who lived a real life as a “Soprano” and literally lived to tell about it; because there were a few times he thought he was going to be whacked.

Author: Giovanni’s Ring, My Life Inside the Real Sopranos.

Dec. 7, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Vigo County Historical Museum
929 Wabash Ave.
Terre Haute, IN

Tickets: $25

Proceeds Benefit “Project Never Broken”

For more information about Project Never Broken, visit their website here. For tickets to attend this speaking engagement, click here.