TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Here is Todd Bagley’s mother Georgia’s complete statement on the execution of Christopher Vialva:

After watching the news broadcast this morning, I was both hurt and disappointed that the death penalty was the issue, yet both sides of the story were not told. The story was focused on Vialva’s life and the changes that he has made. This is not about him and his changed life, but about the victims in this case.

At 19, Vialva was aware of right and wrong and was trying to prove himself as a leader of a gang. Vialva preplanned with the other members what would go down that day. He personally shot both Todd and Stacie in the head, killing Todd instantly. Stacie was shot in the mouth after watching her husband die. She later died of smoke inhalation after Bernard set their car on fire. The gang utilized Sparks, who at 15 was the youngest of the group, to ask Todd for a ride home. In the course of trying to help, Todd and Stacie agree to give their time to take him home, which was their practice to reach out to help anyone they could, when given the opportunity.

Vialva, Brown, and Bernard hid from sight until Sparks gave them the Ok. They then all rushed out and jumped in the car, putting guns to Todd and Stacie’s head, and Vialva said, “plans have changed.” Todd and Stacie were two innocent young people who were deceived because they always saw the good in others. They were then forced into the truck of their car and driven around for 7 horrific hours on that hot day in June. They had no water, no restroom, they were robbed of their belongings, they had all of their money withdrawn from their bank account, they were driven around to other gang members houses, and slam banged around on a dirt country road. They begged from the trunk of their car for someone to call the police to help them at the different houses, but no one would call for help.

Vialva now says he has turned his life around and has influenced other lives since then, but Todd and Stacie have also influenced many lives. They were willing to lay down their lives to try and win their kidnappers to the Lord by quoting scripture, praying, and singing praises to God before they died. We will never know how many people they could have influenced for good if they had been given the chance. I feel when these tragedies happen, both sides of the story should be given. I believe when someone deliberately takes the life of another, they should suffer the consequences for their actions.

Christopher’s mother had the opportunity to visit him for the past 21 years. This execution should have been carried out 3-5 years after a jury of 12 people found him guilty. We have had to wait for 21 years for justice and closure. We cannot be with our children for visits or to see them on holidays. We were denied that privilege. Todd and Stacie were innocent victims. Please remember the victims and their families whose lives have been shattered and are still trying to cope. I have the assurance that Todd and Stacie were staunch Christians and are now in heaven with Jesus, who will richly reward them for their willingness to be his witnesses even unto death. I know without a doubt we will have a glorious reunion with them one day!

I want to make sure to thank everyone that participated in seeing that Todd and Stacie received justice for this horrific crime, particularly: Our Federal Prosecutors in Texas, The FBI, The Texas Rangers, The Ft. Hood Military Police, and The Crisis Support Team in Indiana. We appreciate that President Trump felt compassion to the victims and the families to reinstate the Death Penalty, and allow us some closure and to give Todd and Stacie justice.

Georgia, Todd Bagley’s Mother