TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Over the past seven months, Terre Haute became the center of national attention as 13 federal inmates were executed.

The three sat down with MyWabashValley.com to talk about their experiences. Watch their full interview above.

“This is something so few people witness; so few people are a part of this group now that we’re part of that witnessed a federal execution,” Nicole Krasean said describing what it was like to cover serve as a media witness for these events. “And you feel that immediately afterward because you are alone on the roads, you are alone in your car.”

Nicole Krasean and Taylor Johnson both served as media witnesses for one execution while Dana Winklepleck witnessed 11.

“Every morning I would get up on the day of execution, and I would say a prayer for myself and I would say a prayer for for everyone who had to take part in the execution and would say a prayer for the inmate and their family and I would say a prayer for those victims’ families,” Winklepleck said.

Johnson said she was hesitant to agree to serve as a media witness; however, in the end she knew that the story needed to be covered.

“I knew I had to put my own pride aside and step up to the plate and step out of my comfort zone and just take this one,” she said.