(NBC) — The NBC comedy “Mr. Mayor” welcomes a special guest star Tuesday, Mary Steenburgen, who just happens to be the wife of the series star Ted Danson.

Recently, the couple talked about her appearance on the show.

It seems logical Mary Steenburgen might want to guest star in Ted Danson’s comedy, “Mr. Mayor,” but maybe not for the obvious reason.

When asked if her stint on the episode was about getting to work with cast member Bobby Moynihan, Steenburgen confessed her true motive.

“Yes! It really was,” said Steenburgen.

Moynihan plays Jayden Krampus, the bumbling communications director for Danson’s Los Angeles mayor, Neil Bremer.

“I love Bobby Moynihan,” said Steenburgen. “So, it was it was really fun. He is amazing.”

When Jayden throws a western-themed murder mystery party the mayor brings Steenburgen’s character, Adrianna, as his date but she unexpectedly takes a shine to the host.

“You understand because you’re an actor, you’re, but your eyes are going nuts,” said Danson. “You know, your mind is going, ‘I get it. I get it,’ but your eyes are just very hard to take.”

Even so, the fast-paced nature of the show and its sheer silliness made the visitor feel right at home.

“We just we laughed the whole week and everything they were asking us to do made us laugh and it was just it was delightful,” said Steenburgen. “I really enjoyed it so much.”

And Danson came out of it with a souvenir, a tiny cowboy hat he wore during the episode, which the couple got to keep.

“We have it because our granddaughters I knew would get a kick out of it and they did,” said Steenburgen.

“Mr. Mayor” fans get their kicks Tuesday night.

“Mr. Mayor” airs at 8:30 p.m. on WTWO right after “Young Rock” and just before “This Is Us”.

Danson’s co-star, Holly Hunter has acted in two films with Steenburgen, “End of the Line” and “Miss Firecracker.”