(NBC News) — Friday on an all-new “Dateline,” the latest chapter in the story that captivated the nation. A California mother, Sherri Papini, vanished from her home. She suddenly reappeared three weeks later, alleging she’d been kidnapped. Now, detectives who cracked the case reveal to “Dateline NBC” new details about the investigation.

Here’s a preview of Keith Morrison’s report:

How in the world did she get here? Her name is Sherri Papini and tonight, you’ll hear it all. Both the story she told — and the truth.

SHERIFF MICHAEL JOHNSON: This whole case, has been about calculated deception, lies and misdirection.

A mind-bending mystery that would take years to solve — and they did.

KEITH MORRISON: Have you ever heard such a thing in your life before?

KYLE WALLACE:  No, Not even kind of.

With details, they’re revealing for the first time.

KYLE WALLACE: There was a chain around her waist and she was– zip-tied to the chain. So, he would shoot hockey pucks off of her legs and shins. He was willin’ to do anything for her.

Sherri Papini was the victim — so we heard — of a terrible crime. Snatched from her home, her family.

ELIZABETH PARKER: We didn’t know if there was a predator in the area. It was a really scary time.

A whole city on edge, as detectives hunted for a criminal.

BRIAN JACKSON: Everyone was a suspect.

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