(NBC) — “America’s Got Talent” has another round of new auditions Tuesday and it is followed by week two of “Dancing with Myself.”

That dance challenge competition has a host who admits to fangirling a bit over one of her colleagues on the show. It is not just the contestants blown away about being on “Dancing with Myself” host Camille Kostek is too.

“It’s very rare that I have these fangirl moments as I’m older,” said Kostek. “When I was younger, I would skip a beat and forget how to say my name and stuff like that it still happens and Shakira is now one of those people that does that to me.”

The Latin dancing and singing sensation creates some of the challenges for each week’s dancers.

“She’s just as amazing as she seems,” said Kostek. “She is such a girl’s girl, she is so enthusiastic about dancing and performing.”

And Kostek’s fired up about giving dancers a chance to win $25,000 each week.

“In people’s day-to-day lives, you don’t realize the talent that they have,” she said. “And it’s really cool that they get to take this stage and nationally share their stories and their dance moves. It’s contagious.”

It is an energy that she hopes comes across on the show.

“The whole place was a party,” she said. “That’s what we wanted to feel like, from start to finish. It’s a big dance party for everybody.”

A party with a payoff.

Watch “Dancing with Myself” Tuesday at 10 p.m. following “America’s Got Talent” on WTWO.