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It’s no secret “The Highway’s” Storme Warren has always had a passion for country music.

“7th grade, I took a field trip to a top 40 radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it was like pulling back a curtain on OZ for me, and I fell in love with it instantly.”

And you could say the rest is history.  Storme is now living that dream behind the mic while helping others get their start. 

“The new artist and the up and coming artist. I feed off of their energy. So it makes me do a better job, watching their passion for the music.”

Artists such as Brothers Osborne who are nominated for duo of the year at this year’s CMA Awards.

“I did not know what an Osborne Brother was. They’re out of Maryland somewhere. They’re a musical family and that’s all I knew and they’re manager brought me over to their office and said Storme, I know you like Eric Church and I manage him as you know but I think you are really going to like this new duo I’m dealing with, Brothers Osborne, I am like, oh yeah I would like to hear them, and he played me their whole album, their debut album, over a bottle of wine, and I freaked out. I said we go to get them on the Highway we got to get them now, this is the music we’re looking for.”

From Canada down to Mexico, “The Highway” has subscribers.  All who have one thing in common, their love for country music.

“You forget that those people are in their cars, or trucks, or they have it on at work, or it’s on the app on their iPhone, and they’re listening everyday. We’re in every corner of North America”

Host Buzz Brainard told Julie while chagging at “The Highway” studios that being able to call the shots is what make “The Highway” unique.

 “Having no rules, we get to do more, and share more with people then traditional radio would.”

 “We get so much music, and when we hear something we like, we’re able to put it on the air, and we can immediately determine you know what are subscribers and our family like.”

Between social media an iTunes sales, it doesn’t take long for them to know if they have a hit.

“We put it on the air, nobody played it yet, Taylor Swift tweets it’s her new favorite song. Next thing you know they’re the biggest thing in county music.”

“One of our Highway find bands Old Dominion, great bunch of guys. We introduced the world to them and now they’re on Kenny Chesney Big Rivival  Tour.”

“It’s just as nice to be in the car or the truck, and have Sirus XM on, and then hear a song being played that you found, or as a group we found, that the staff all voted on and then you hear that on the air and you get that feeling of, wow we’re apart of that, so for me I can’t think of a bigger award then that, but yeah hanging out in the bus and doing a shot of Jack Daniels every once in awhile, is nice to.”

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