TERRE HAUTE, Ind (WTWO/WAWV)– With the Vigo County Health Department reporting more than 400 cases in the past two weeks, Health Educator, Michael Passmore, has a reminder for residents.

“COVID is still among us, and we need to keep it in our minds as we go about our days.” He said.

Passmore said the recent increase isn’t anything like what the department saw during the peak of the pandemic, but it’s still important for people to monitor their symptoms, wash their hands and wear a mask.

He said it’s important to keep this in mind during the summer months when large gatherings are popular.

“Just being aware of those large gatherings as well, and if you’re sick, take those precautions and stay in if you need to,” Passmore said.

Resident, Cassidy McCammon, said she tries to communicate with friends and family about what their comfort level is at this stage of the pandemic.

“I’m just checking in with my friends and family, seeing, ‘Hey what’s your comfort level right now? Would you prefer if we wear masks in the car?’ Just asking simple questions like that to make sure everyone around me is comfortable has really been my top priority,” she said.

Passmore also said it’s important for residents in Vigo county to report at-home positive tests for data purposes. He hopes those around the Wabash Valley can share a common goal in limiting the spread of the virus.

“It should be a motivator in a way to stay on top of our health,” he said. “If we can look at it as that, we can take those necessary actions to keep ourselves from letting it spread more than it could.”